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What is beauty? Produces many answers, but few conclusions. The small slice of history and the few beautiful people illustrated on Makeup Thailand demonstrate two things. First, ideas of beauty, like ideals of beauty, are highly idiosyncratic. Second, they usually say more about the individual or the society expressing them than about the quality itself.

On canvas or on camera, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is to be looked at, admired, copied, painted, photographed, even disputed. Appreciation of it lies with the onlooker not the owner, and the onlooker are usual man. Not only is a woman beheld, she also tends to see herself as beheld, looking at herself through other people's eyes and applying other people's standards to what she sees.

Feel beautiful and you will look beautiful. But how do you go about feeling beautiful? The answer is a circular one. You must start by looking good. Beauty and appearances matter not because we are naturally vain or frivolous, but because, only when you have attended to the smaller details of your appearance can you then 'go to town on the charm'.. Looking good means making space for beauty in your life, taking the time to exercise and to follow simple skincare.


Page Updated  September 6th, 2013